splendid boutique (part 1)

i had the chance to work with orianne and kendra to produce some promotional material for priscilla, the owner of splendid boutique in calgary. this shoot was particularly enjoyable for me because we had all worked together in the past but i have not seen them for a long time. hin was there as well, crawling around behind hot water pipes and boilers helping me with all the lighting.

thanks guys, i’ll be posting the rest of the shots shortly.

by Wei

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Otto K. - Beautiful shots. Well done.

LERtastic - Man, saw you on Calgary Strobist. Your photos are incredible. Very nice work. *Added RSS*

Ronnie Ruiz - nice work man, keep it up.

Jordan - Really nice work, Wei!

navin - Amazing shots. Now I know why you wanted the ability to post moe than one shot a day

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