Georgina * Truman {Lion Dance}

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang White
Bride’s Shoes: Michael Kors
Groom’s Suit: Vera Wang
Ties: Ted Baker
Bridesmaids’ Dress: Vera Wang White
Bridesmaids’ Jewelry: Swarovski
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Fairmont Palliser Calgary
Bride’s Hair: Deanna Zhao
Bride’s Makeup: Ty Morgan
Officiant: Tamara@Weddings By Tamara
Reception Venue: Fairmont Palliser Calgary
Wedding Cake: Suzanne@Fairmont Palliser Calgary
Cake Topper: Lyn@Flower Artistry
Floral Designer: Lyn@Flower Artistry
Wedding Photographer: Photobolic
Photo Booth: Silly Booth
DJ: DJ Worjak
Transportation: AM/PM Limo
Seating Chart & Table Numbers: Glimpz

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Cassia * Ryan {Fairmont Palliser}

Event Designer: Mary@OneWest Wedding
Wedding Dress: Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes: Miu Miu
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Lulakate
Bridesmaids’ Necklaces: J. Crew
Bridesmaids’ Dressing Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar
Groomsmen’s Ties: Ted Baker
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Grace Presbyterian Church
Bride’s Hair: Kelsey@Shag Salon
Officiant: Victor Kim
Reception Venue: Fairmont Palliser Calgary
Wedding Cake: Esther@Fairmont Palliser Calgary
Floral Designer: Occassional Bloom
Wedding Photographer: Photobolic
Photo Booth: Silly Booth
Band: Abbey Powell
Transportation: Ambassador Limousine

by Wei

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Julia * Russ {Calgary Wedding}

What is a Chinese wedding without the traditional pickup games? They say the origins of these games date back centuries ago when it was common for a bride to be married out of the family to a distant place. A place where it might be a very long time before she would get to see her family and friends again. As a result, it was the duty of the bride’s family to block the groom from entering until they can be certain of his love and devotion. Our tradition continues with Russ bearing the onslaught of the bridesmaids’ whims at Julia’s family home.

Julia opted to wear her Vera Wang wedding dress rather than the traditional Chinese costume for the morning’s event. We think the simplicity of her dress suited her quite well. The scalloped lace detail on her bodice and sash around her waist finished off the look nicely. The final touch was the cathedral length veil which made her entire outfit look so much more romantic. Again, I’m so glad many of our brides have chosen to go with long veils this year!

Russ and the boys arrive on time and on schedule. They have no idea what to expect. Everyone is excited to see them, especially Julia’s mom. The bridesmaids have already prepared a series of challenges for Russ that would test his wits and stomach to the limit. The first order of business was to consume crackers laced with a generous dollop of wasabi. I think that was meant to weaken his spirit before he was asked to sing foreign songs, publicly describe what it is about Julia that he loves, speak and write in Chinese and play the piano. All this time, Julia watched secretly from the second floor balcony.

Finally, Russ has to buy his way in with red packet before being allowed to see Julia for the first time that day. After a quick meal, the two would leave with us for photos before the ceremony. However, there is one final custom before we can go. Here, we have Julia and Russell walking under her older brother’s pants on the way out. This was necessary because he is still single.

It was a windy summer day. I just loved all these photos of the long veil flowing in the wind on Julia and the tall grass swaying in the wind. The bouquet and boutonniere were beautifully crafted by Pushing Petals. Loved how all blush colored roses were arranged with the greens. One of the best bouquets we have seen this year.

The ceremony was at the SCA community association building. The ceilings of the ceremony area was filled with colorful Chinese paper umbrellas suspended in the air. After the ceremony, there was the Chinese tea ceremony with both families.

The entire event was designed by Ciara of Hello Lovely Weddings. They hung Chinese paper lanterns in the air above the tables where the guests would be sitting. Gobos created a nice lighting effect on the ceiling with a floral design that reminds me of the lace detail on Julia’s dress.

Event Designer: Ciara@Hello Lovely Weddings
Wedding Dress: Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Suit: Tom Ford
Wedding Ceremony Venue: SCA Community Association
Bride’s Makeup: Chan@Bella Vous Makeup Artistry
Bride’s Hair: Swizzlesticks
Officiant: Soleiha Marhcell
Reception Venue: SCA Community Association
Floral Designer: Pushing Petals
Wedding Photographer: Photobolic
Photo Booth: Silly Booth
Cake: Dairy Queen
DJ: Wild Bill’s DJ Services

by Wei

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Amber * Vaughan {Railway Romance}

Amber and Vaughan dreamt of a rustic outdoor summer wedding at the River Cafe. Unfortunately, the wild floods this year swept away much of Prince’s Island Park just a few weeks before their wedding day and they were left to find another venue for their wedding. Most of their favorite wedding venues were booked up but they managed to find the CP Railway Pavilion open. It wasn’t their first second or even tenth choice at first. But once everyone saw the charm of the CP Railway Pavillion and how it was transformed into this unique railway station wedding by the team at Lynn Fletcher Weddings, nobody mentioned River Cafe again.

Putting on the wedding dress is always fun. The bridesmaids all shared plenty of laughter and cheer helping Amber with her Jim Hjelm wedding dress and accoutrements. The “maid of honor”, Amber’s brother Ryan worked on folding the pocket square with the help of the Internet.

Vaughan waiting eagerly to see Amber for the first time in her wedding dress. I love this series of images showing Amber making her way down the grand staircase at the Fairmont Palliser. I think Vaughan stood so still, it doesn’t look like he moved a single inch until Amber came up behind him.

I love all lace wedding dresses. Amber’s dress had some pretty little details details all over. It just seems to work so well with the flowers.

We are now at the CP Railway Pavilion for the wedding ceremony. The building is an actual working train station and that day, we had two dinner trains parked behind us. These are not the usual sooty freight trains we often see at railway crossings but rather beautifully maintained passenger cars with brass detailing and period paintwork. We were told it was a rare occasion to see both units parked here. It certainly added to the atmosphere and everyone enjoyed admiring looking at them. Unfortunately, they were parked behind a gate and we weren’t allowed to take photographs there.

The CP Railway Pavilion’s most distinctive feature is the ironwork. Much of the building structure was constructed with metal girders and trusses much like the train stations of old. Look above and we see the functional utility of engineering fabrication. Peer downwards and the stark landscape was softened by the rustic table settings and chairs on a hardwood floor. Simple summer flowers were arranged in bottles and mason jars as table center pieces and accents throughout the Pavilion. Every table was covered with burlap colored linens and the wooden chairs tied the theme all together.

The CP Railway Pavilion is attached to the Fairmont Palliser Hotel but is not a part of the property. However, all the food and beverages were catered by the Fairmont Palliser Hotel for this wedding. How often can we say fine dining and train station in the same breath?

What a wonderful finale to a beautiful wedding day!

Event Designer: Lynn@Lynn Fletcher Weddings
Wedding Dress: Jim Hjelm
Groom’s Suit: Tom Ford
Wedding Ceremony Venue: CP Railway Pavillion
Bride’s Makeup: Harmony Boze
Bride’s Hair: Lindsay@Pureform Salon
Officiant: Soleiha Marhcell
Reception Venue: CP Railway Pavillion
Catering: Fairmont Palliser Calgary
Floral Designer: Lakeview Flowers
Wedding Photographer: Photobolic
DJ: Hype Entertainment

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Joanne * Larry {Traditional Chinese Wedding}

Traditionally, Chinese weddings start the day off with the groom and his entourage coming to fetch the bride at her parent’s home. This is quite an interesting event as Larry will be faced with a series of challenges prepared by the bridesmaids before he is allowed to see Joanne. The purpose of these challenges, so they say, is for the groom to publicly proclaim his love for the bride.

We started off at Joanne’s parent’s home where many of her friends and relatives have already arrived. One can usually tell a wedding is under way if you see a red Chinese letter pasted on the front door for good luck. The bridesmaids have spent a few hours preparing the challenges for Larry so they are eagerly awaiting his arrival. Joanne will watch everything unfold from the upstairs bedroom.

Joanne, wearing the traditional qipao wedding dress, enjoys a meal specially prepared by her family for good luck. There is never a shortage of food and drink at Chinese weddings.

The men have arrived and the girls successfully set up a blockade at the entrance to the home. Larry is not allowed to enter the home yet. Their first action was to distribute red packets of money to the girls as gifts. I love capturing the back and forth banter between the men and women as they negotiate the contents of the packets and next steps. While this is going on, one of the girls used her iPhone camera to give Joanne a live video feed of the action up close. I love the one image we caught of Joanne grinning with laughter on the iPhone display.

After completing the games, Larry is finally allowed to see Joanne. They were so excited to see each other. As soon as he came through the door, they exchanged a quick kiss and Larry surprised everyone by carrying Joanne down the stairs. Here they will perform the Chinese tea ceremony with Joanne’s side of the family.

Joanne’s Dad, Stephen reminds us that time is up and we should be heading over to Larry’s family home right away. It’s customary for a red umbrella to be held over the bride’s head when she travels over to the groom’s home. There was a moment of hilarity when the umbrella was opened inside the house and hits Larry on the head. At Larry’s family home, there was a second tea ceremony for his relatives before we all headed out to Ralph Klein Park for the western wedding.

The one great thing about Chinese weddings is to see the many different dresses the bride wears throughout the day. They start off with the traditional Chinese qipao and then change into a white western wedding gown. Then later on in the evening, she will change into other Chinese outfits throughout the reception. I love some of these images where we can see the contrast between both styles of wedding dresses.

Joanne gets ready to walk up the aisle and sees Larry up at the other end. Can you see the silhouette of Larry in the reflection of the mirror?

How often does one see a groom lifting up his bride’s veil to give the first kiss these days? This is so romantic!

Wedding Dress: Ever After Bridal
Groom’s Tux: Cameo & Cufflinks
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Ralph Klein Park
Bride’s Makeup: Amy@Amy Health and Beauty
Bride’s Hair: Cre8tive Hair Design and Spa
Officiant: Jerry Stilson
Reception Venue: Regency Palace
Floral Designer: Jamie@Aprilis Floral Design
Wedding Cake: Nancy Vu
Wedding Photographer: Photobolic
Instagram Prints: Silly Booth
DJL Sean@1st in Entertainment

by Wei

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